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Finding a Home - BUYERS

Looking for a home can be fun. But it also can be exhausting. You may have to look at many homes before you find the one you want.

Narrow your search by determining the price, location and specific qualities you want. Tour as many houses as you need to find the one that makes you happy.

To find houses that meets your requirements:

  • Check Real Estate Ads. Friday and Sunday are the best days for finding real estate ads in newspapers. The ads—placed by developers, homeowners and real estate agents—usually are arranged by type of home and location. The information is limited and the ad may not include a picture. But real estate ads are a good place to start if you don't know what you want or want to find several houses at once.
  • Access the Web. To find home listings on the Internet, go to This website has over 1 million listings of homes for sale across the United States.
  • Pick a Neighborhood and Drive Through It. If you know the neighborhood in which you want to buy, take a drive and look for For Sale signs. This will let you find houses for sale by owner that are not as well advertised.
  • Talk to Friends. Friends and co-workers may know owners who are considering selling or have a house on the market.
  • Go to Open Houses. Many sellers and agents conduct open houses on Saturday and Sunday. You can walk through an open house without setting up a formal tour with a real estate agent.

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